When a customer first meets your organisation, chances are it will be through some piece of designed marketing material, whether it's a poster, pamphlet, letter, advertisement or website. That interaction between your organisation and a new customer is a lot like going on a first date. While eventually we hope that our date will be won over by personality and substance, its nonetheless necessary to arrive looking our best. After all, many a first date has soured on first impressions.

We help you look your best to your customers. We know that you have a great product, are great with people and are perfect for your potential clients' needs. We just make sure they know it too.

We provide design for virtually any medium, from your initial branding and identity to advertising, printed materials and websites.

DCI STUDIOS LTD is a multi disciplinary Mauritius based design studio, founded in 2005. We are a collective of designers and thinkers providing our services to a world wide network of partner and client relationships to deliver the best design solutions.
We love web design.
We want to be an integral part of the growth of your business by developing strong and meaningful long-term relationships to create a synergy through all your media. We understand your brand and we always listen. With our years of experience and our user centered design approach, we help craft solutions that are hybrids of mechanics and aesthetics that help you take your marketing vision to the next level.

We are loyal to our clients but not blindly obedient and strongly believe that good is the enemy of great. We solve problems first, then we think of aesthetics and remind ourselves that simplicity is the pinnacle of sophistication.